Madam Speaker, with the overwhelming problem of illegals in this country, some in this Congress want to make it worse. They think that an amnesty worker program is the answer to this problem, and tomorrow the Senate Judiciary Committee will be meeting to consider an amnesty worker program as a solution to the problem. I could not disagree more.

A program granting amnesty for millions of lawless illegals that are already breaking the law by being here defies common sense. We heard that illegals will take jobs Americans won't take. Well, there is absolutely no proof of this assertion. Also, this statement is an insult to the American worker. The jobs illegals sometimes get are below minimum wage, thus driving down the value of American workers. This program is another way of outsourcing American jobs but by bringing the foreigners to our country rather than shipping the jobs to their country.

Under proposals here in Congress, there is no limit to the number of workers allowed to enter; and they would be allowed to bring with them their families. And did I mention that they are expected to leave then after 6 years? We already know that 60 percent of the people who legally came into the United States never left after their visas expired. What makes us think this time will be different?

With an amnesty worker program come the worker's family members who will need the use of our public school systems, health care, public housing and other social services. Where is this money going to come from, Madam Speaker? Well, it is going to come from the American taxpayer. The taxpayer always pays. That is the responsibility, for some reason, for American taxpayers to pay for those people who are from foreign countries illegally in the United States.

And it is also likely the United States will lose even more money because the remittances that these guest workers send home to their families and their home country is growing every day. According to a survey by the InterAmerican Development Bank, Mexican and Latin American immigrants living in the United States already send $30 billion a year in remittances back to their native country.

It is also estimated that 20 percent of the cost of health care and 20 percent of the cost of education comes from those who are illegally in the United States and not contributing to pay for the cost.

Making these so-called workers legal will not change the cost to the American taxpayer.

And after 6 years, what plans do we have to make sure that these individuals will leave? We are taking their word for the fact that when their time is up they will quietly pack up and go back home. This defies common sense.

This same sort of situation occurred back in 1986 when 3 million illegals were given blanket amnesty on the condition there would be a ban on hiring other illegal immigrants. This so-called ban was essentially ignored by employers, and we have no reason to expect a different result this time.

Furthermore, the amnesty work program would be managed by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the CIS. Well, the United States Government Accounting Office released a report this week charging these bureaucrats with a failed organizational infrastructure and massive mismanagement and corruption.

The report shows that the CIS doesn't have a handle on fraud, doesn't do enough to deter it and won't have a fraud management system in place until 2011. The GAO report also found that most of the fraud is a result of a backlog of applications which placed additional pressure on the CIS to produce or process applications faster, making an increased risk of incorrect decisions, including approval of potentially fraudulent applications.

Because of this pressure, multiple offenders are able to game the system, because neither the CIS nor the Immigration and Customs Enforcement regularly penalize those illegals caught committing fraud.

The GAO also found that, of the 94 terrorists known to operate in the United States between the 1990s and 2004, including the September 11 hijackers, two-thirds committed immigration fraud. And now we want bureaucrats to run an amnesty worker program when they are already not capable of the running the programs that they have.

We must remember that an amnesty worker program will not stop illegal immigration. We already have three guest worker programs in place, and we are still dealing with illegal immigration on a daily basis. In 1986, the Immigration Reform and Control Act legalized 3 million aliens in an attempt to control and reform immigration woes. A lot of good that did. Now, 20 years later, those 3 million have grown to almost 12 million.

The consequences of an amnesty worker program could be chaotic, and there is clear risk to our homeland security. The GAO report is yet another reason added to the long list of why amnesty worker program would be a disaster for the United States. So, Madam Speaker, we cannot outsource American jobs by bringing more illegals into the United States under the banner of amnesty.

That's just the way it is.