Mr. Speaker, seven more countries now join Mexico and the United States to sue the State of Arizona. They are Nicaragua, El Salvador, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Guatemala. Not exactly all champions of human or civil rights.

They say their illegals in Arizona might be mistreated if Arizona enforces federal law. But here's the real kicker: our own State Department has sided with these other nations against the American people. It has filed a declaration in the lawsuit saying the Arizona law is causing an international incident and hurting foreign policy. Now it's nine countries versus Arizona.

The nerve of our government to side with foreign powers and sue American people. Foreign countries have no business meddling in and dictating American national security. Our government is on the wrong side. It should support and defend the Constitution and the people of Arizona. It should not be siding with nations that have illegals in our country.

It's nine countries versus Arizona. I cast my lot with the people of Arizona.

And that's just the way it is.