Recently, I met with some people in Texas in the trucking industry. We discussed the Administrationís view on domestic energy.

How the Administration is against using more American coal.

How the Administration is against drilling in Anwar.

How the Administration is stone walling the drilling on federal lands.

How the Administration is delaying off shore drilling permits.

How the Administration uses the EPA to block Domestic Energy production.

Since the Administration is against so much what is it in favor of?

Then Dalton handed me this ñ a tire gauge.

And reminded me the President touted his energy plan when he said:

ìWe could solve all the oil they are talking about getting off drilling if everybody just inflated their tires and got tune ups.î


Thatís it? More air in tires?

Now you know Mr. Speaker. More hot air will save us all.

Now, thereís an energy plan we can all be proud of.

And thatís just the way it is.