Mr. Speaker, ballparks across America are back in swing and only days until opening day at the taxpayers' new park in New York, Citi Field. The average cost for a family of four to see a game is $200. Wonder what the average cost for an office and executive secretary for former big shots at Citigroup in Manhattan costs? Well, it's not peanuts.

According to news reports, our struggling friends at Citigroup have plenty enough to plaster their name on a new ballpark and keep high dollar offices and secretaries for ex CEOs. The coach at Citigroup is making cuts to the roster at every other position, but it seems the luxury suite won't be traded.

Households across our country are prioritizing spending, doing without to make ends meet, and they're not getting any bailout money from the Federal Government.

Citigroup is striking out when it comes to wise usage of taxpayer money. Citigroup should not spend taxpayer money on baseball parks and elaborate offices for former Citigroup players. If Citigroup goes broke, they shouldn't be coming looking for more taxpayer money. If they go bankrupt,we can call the new field in New York ``Bankruptcy Field.''

And that's just the way it is.