Madam Speaker, Friday morning President Obama boastfully declared to the world that ISIS was contained.

Hours later, Paris was burning. ISIS fighters unleashed coordinated attacks all over the City of Lights, murdering 130 people and injuring hundreds of others. This, just weeks after ISIS blew up an airplane, killing over 200 people.

The President is wrong. ISIS is not contained. ISIS' homicidal aggression has spread from the Middle East to the sleeping West. This morning, the radical killers released a video threatening an attack on Washington, D.C.

Shall we dither until this Capital is bombed? I think not. This is our fight, but it is not our fight alone.

We should immediately invoke article 5 of the NATO agreement. This says an attack on one NATO nation--such as France is an attack on all NATO nations. This paves the way for a truly joint and international response to ISIS. The U.S. invoked this provision after the 9/11 attack.

All 28 NATO nations need to join the war against our common enemy because containment is not a strategy.

And that is just the way it is.