Mr. Speaker, ‘‘This is not directed at Japan. The nuclear development is toward the United States,’’ said an adviser to North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un.

Frankly, Little Kim makes his father look normal. His saber-rattling regime has once again attempted to fire intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Meanwhile, the administration is naively pursuing a strategy they call ‘‘strategic patience.’’ In layman’s language, that means ‘‘doing nothing.’’

This hopeless appeasement policy has not worked. The North Korean plan is to launch nuclear missiles from submarines at the United States. Isn’t that lovely? The rogue state’s belligerency has put the entire region at grave risk of aggression, nuclear proliferation, and war.

Historically, North Korea, like Iran, was a state sponsor of terrorism. Eight years ago, the United States withdrew the designation when North Korea lied and promised to halt its nuclear program.

But North Korea continues to develop nukes. Strategic patience is a blissfully ignorant failed foreign policy. North Korea must have consequences for its aggressive and belligerent actions. Time to put Junior Kim’s regime back on the State Sponsors of Terrorism list, because he is a terror to world peace.

And that is just the way it is.