Madam Speaker, yesterday an armed Mexican military helicopter was spotted and photographed over a residential area a mile inside the territorial boundary of the United States.

Texas Sheriff Sigi Gonzalez of Zapata County said the Mexican Navy helicopter was not the first incursion by the Mexican military onto the U.S. side of the Rio Grande River.

There is a violent border war raging in this area between the Los Zetas and Gulf drug cartels for territory. Eight Mexican journalists have been kidnapped, numerous individuals killed in old west style shoot-outs, and the violence and corruption has even spilled over to the U.S. side. The cartels have even infiltrated U.S. law enforcement agencies on the border, resulting in 400 corruption cases being filed.

The border has become a corrupt, violent area, and now the Mexican military crosses our border with unknown intentions. The United States cannot allow the border to be a war zone for murder, mayhem, violence, drugs, and corruption.

And that's just the way it is.