Mr. Speaker, a few days ago, in the small town of Friendswood, Texas, a citizen tried to discuss a water problem with a city worker. Apparently the worker could not be of assistance because the worker did not speak English.

This led City Council to consider a ballot vote by citizens to determine if English should be the official language of their town. City Council Member Chris Perden said, English as an official language gives us a baseline. The city will publish everything in English. Our meetings will be in English ..... and city forms will be in English. There are even suggestions that all city employees be required to speak English and even teach those that cannot. The critics quickly surfaced, however, and LULAC officials say they will sue, claiming violation of civil rights if the public supports this ordinance.

This is yet another example of how small-town America must solve immigration issues that the Federal Government has not honestly addressed. The people of Friendswood, Texas, not the politicians, not the self-promoters and not even LULAC, should have the right to vote and decide if English should be the official language of their town.

And that's just the way it is.