Mr. Speaker, somebody has to pay for this massive wasteful spending by the Federal Government.

So to obtain more revenue, the budget proposal is to cut deductions Americans now receive. The charitable giving deduction will be cut. Thus charities, not government entities, by the way, such as churches, the YMCA and groups such as that that feed the hungry and help in disasters, take care of crime victims, and help the homeless, will be struggling for funds. Now the government will get that money.

The removal of this deduction will discourage gifts by Americans. Americans are the most cheerful contributors in the world to charities, but that may now end.

The home mortgage deduction also is going to be reduced. The effect of reducing this deduction and the charitable-giving deduction will have the effect of a stealth tax increase on all Americans.

Mr. Speaker, it doesn't make any sense to raise taxes on anyone during a recession, especially homeowners and those that give to the needy.

And that's just the way it is.