Mr. Speaker, a self-claimed sadistic pervert, Jerry Inman, is branded with tattoos of skulls, daggers, bats and the pentagram, the symbol of hell. The two-time convicted sex offender, after serving time in two southern States for several rapes, kidnappings and robberies, has been released and has struck again.

He recreated hell for 20-year-old Clemson University student Tiffany Souers. He stalked her, and in the shroud of darkness of the night, he broke into her apartment, strangled her, raped her and then murdered her. This devil of the South should not even have been in South Carolina, but the good behavior got him released from another State prison.

Mr. Speaker, rapists try to steal the very souls of their victims. Then they steal their lives. And as we fight the global war on terror, we need to fight the street terrorists in America. Repeat rapists are never cured. We cannot say they are misunderstood or need therapy or counseling, because some are just evil, and if we do not lock them up indefinitely, then it seems that outlaws like Inman are wasting good air breathing.

And that's just the way it is.