Dear Neighbors,

The United States Constitution starts out with the words, We the People. It means that we are a self-governing people. It means that the Constitution is an agreement between the people and the government. It's not an outline of what the government will give people. Its purpose is to limit what government can do to the people.

In town hall meeting after town hall meeting across the country, Americans have come out in droves to make their concerns known. Many are concerned with the out-of-control spending and the rapid expansion of government involvement in private industry and our personal lives.

But because the people of this great nation have stood up and have spoken out, I do not believe that all is lost. Its the people that make the United States of America the greatest nation in the world and its the very same people that will continue to stand up for the freedoms and ideals that continue to set us apart from all the rest.

I am honored to serve as your voice, your Representative, in the United States Congress. After all, the Constitution says it best: We the People, not We the Subjects.


Congressman Poe with Soldier and Marine in Afghanistan

The commander of the multinational forces in Afghanistan says he needs several thousand more U.S. troops. Our administration has delayed by saying time is needed to reevaluate the situation. The mission has not changed: victory. The safety of our troops and success is of paramount importance and we must answer the call for reinforcements immediately.

Congressman Poe and SPC Scott in C-130 headed to Afghanistan

Our enemy is not hesitant about their determination to continue tofight. Our inaction causes our national credibility and resolve to be in doubt. It encourages our foes and puzzles our allies. If our troops needed more food, we would immediately send food. If our troops wanted more equipment, arms and vehicles, we would immediately send munitions. But if our troops want more troops, we stall, delay and ponder. This is unacceptable.

Congressman Poe in a Blackhawk Helicopter

We can delay no longer. Our troops are already in the field. Let there be no question of our mission andour resolve to eliminate the terrorists who threaten the innocents of the world.

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Coming to a computer near you.our new and improved website is ready to launch in the coming weeks. Some of the new features you can look for will be my twitter page that will allow you to follow important votes and issues on the House floor andmy new You Tube channel to watch my latest floor speeches. And, I have joined the world of the Facebook, so I look forward to being your friend.

I appreciate the opportunity to serve the 2nd Congressional District of Texas. I look forward to working together to make our voices heard.

God and Texas,

Member of Congress