Mr. Speaker, the government is going broke. Government spends too much. It borrows too much. It taxes too much. One idea is to raise the government credit card limit.

Its like when my four kids went off to college. When they reached the maximum on their credit cards, the credit card company would simply raise their limit. Thus, they could spend more money by borrowing money. However, they all found out how difficult it was to get out of debt until they quit spending money.

Instead of more United States debt, why not cut spending? Starts with foreign aid. There are 194 countries in the world, and the United States gives to over 150 of them.

Did you know we give money to dictator Chavez of Venezuela, the tyrant of South America? Did you know we give money to Russia? And the zinger of all, did you know we give money to China? Yes, the country that owns most of our debt gets foreign aid.

This absurdity must cease. No more foreign aid to the likes of Venezuela, Russia or China.

And thats just the way it is.