Mr. Speaker, special Olympian and native of Houston, Christi Roberts, knows a thing or two about competition. In her own words she says, ‘‘Don’t mess with me, because I’m bringing the Texas heat.’’

And Texas heat is what she brings. Christi was born with a rare heart condition that required surgery when she was just two years old.

She had to get her index fingers corrected and constantly has to check her blood pressure. None of that brought Christi down, but only pushed her to become a better athlete and pursue her passions in life.

Christi loves to run. As a Special Olympics athlete, she has competed in multiple events, but track is by far her favorite.

And who would doubt it? Christi smokes the competition. 

During races she surprised all of her coaches, teammates and onlookers as she blazed down the track at lightning speed. Christi is not to be messed with, because she has one goal: winning.

Her motto is, ‘‘I win, but I don’t like losing.’’ When you can’t find her beating the competition on the track, you can find her at the Houston Police Barn, sponsoring a horse by the name of Smash.

She spends her extra time feeding, brushing and loving on her horse. Spending time with Smash is one of her favorite past times, and the Houston Police Barn is grateful for her time and dedication to sponsoring one of their beloved horses.

Christi’s positive attitude and passion for life is infectious and she radiates happiness every single day. Her dedication to competing in the Special Olympics and continuing to crush the competition is one to be admired.

Christi is the definition of what it means to be a Special Olympian and Houstonian, and I’m proud to honor her and spread her inspirational story.

And that’s just the way it is.