Madam Speaker, because Wall Street money grabbers have made bad judgment calls, the American taxpayer is being forced to bail them out at $700 billion.  Why is it, Madam Speaker, that the bigger the business, the more the Federal Government thinks it should swoop in and save incompetent businesses?  Small businesses, mom and pop grocery stores, dont get this break.  When they make bad financial decisions, they go out of business.  But the rich and famous Wall Street New York City fat cats expect Joe Six Pack to buck it up and pay for all this nonsense. 

            Reward people for being irresponsible and expect responsible people to pay for the sins of the financial industry?  I think not.  Putting a financial to the head of each American is not the answer. 

            Madam Speaker, I have this bill; its over 100 pages long.  That means its seven billion dollars a page.  The New York City fat cats expect us to pay for it.  I think not. 

            This year alone, Madam Speaker, its a sad time to be an American taxpayer.  Heres Uncle Sam, all beat up because hes broke, and the reason is we have paid out Bear Stearns, a bailout, $28 billion, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, $200 billion, AIG bailout, $85 billion. 
            Last week, the automobile industry got $26 billion.  And today, lo and behold, $700 billion. 

            The American taxpayer is tired of paying for the sins of other people.  Its time for them to pay be responsible for their own misconduct. 

            And thats just the way it is.