Mr. Speaker, in an effort to give away taxpayer money, the Social Security Administration is even sending so called stimulus checks to dead people. An 83 year old man in Maryland said his mother, who has been dead for over 40 years, received one of the $250 stimulus checks.

Even though the 83 year old son didnt receive one of the checks, I guess because hes still alive, Im sure he appreciated the government thinking about his mom by sending her a check so close to Mothers Day.

It does seem a bit odd that it takes the government 40 years to figure out somebody died. Anyway, the Social Security bureaucrats admit at least 10,000 other dead people received checks too. That would be about $2.5 million in money. I wonder how many other free checks were sent to dead people that the Social Security folks dont even know about.

Maybe since the bureaucrats are giving money to dead people, they should go ahead and register them to vote as well. Get the community group ACORN involved. Apparently, ACORN has a reputation for successfully registering dead folks to vote. Then the dead people can get free money and vote too. What a deal.

And thats just the way it is.