Madam Speaker, Arizona border ranchers tell me that when illegals enter Arizona with their maps and their lists of churches that give sanctuary, they also know about United State courts. When some illegals are actually captured, they oftentimes ask the Border Patrol if their case will be in the ninth court or the 10th court. Illegals want their cases in the ninth circuit court because they believe, based on history, the ninth court is liberal, tolerant and more lenient regarding illegal immigration and border security than the nearby 10th court.

The ninth court proved the illegals correct when the liberal court wrongly threw out the Arizona law that allows State law enforcement officers to enforce law against illegal entry. Arizona had to enact this law because the federal government doesnt adequately secure the border. And how can a court possibly say its unconstitutional for a State to protect its citizens?

But there is hope. The ninth court has been reversed more than any other court by the Supreme Court, and hopefully the Supreme Court will rule that Arizona and the federal government have constitutional authority to protect the border from illegal entry.

And thats just the way it is.