WASHINGTON, September 21 -


Mr. Speaker,

Iíve heard from many Texas business owners who built their businesses without government help.

Hereís what Pam from Liberty, Texas has to say:

ìWe are college educated, taxpaying citizens who have a lifetime of hard work under our belts. We have stayed up nights trying to figure out how we were going to pay our taxes, insurance, employees and bank notes. We started from scratch ñ convenient stores, carwashes, mini storage businesses, a clothing business, and also operated and owned two small town movie theatres that were built by my husband's grandparents and parents. The latest start up business is a real estate brokerage business.

There's not much that anyone can tell us about the sacrifices that have to be made when you start up a business; we have done it all, including working full time jobs for someone else to make ends meet. No government agency has ever helped us with one thing, but the government has certainly made our work harder and more expensive to run and operate our businesses.î

Mr. Speaker, people, not the government make peopleís businesses successful.

And thatís just the way it is.