Mr. Speaker, A Tree, A Tree, but don't call it a Christmas Tree. Let me explain.

   Since forever, Christmas trees have been called Christmas trees. Everyone in the world knows what a Christmas tree is and the traditions that accompany them.

   It is almost that time of year for most homes throughout the fruited plain to have some type of tree in them. Even Charlie Brown has a Christmas tree. But Lowe's Home Improvement stores that sell trees won't call them Christmas trees, but now they call them "family trees" so as not, I suspect, to offend non-Christians. Of course, it is okay in our culture to offend Christians because they are just supposed to turn the other cheek. However, calling them family trees may offend single individuals who don't have families. So should the trees be called family/individual trees?

   Where is this nonsense of political correctness going to end? Lowe's should change its policy. This is the same silliness that caused some retailers last year to refuse to put up signs saying "Merry Christmas, but instead said Happy Holidays.

  It is tradition at the Poe house on Thanksgiving that we buy and decorate a Christmas tree. But we won't buy one at Lowe's because, you see, they don't sell Christmas trees.

   And that's just the way it is.