Mr. Speaker, the American people are opposed to the administration's ban on deepwater drilling. Almost three-quarters of American people, 73 percent, say the ban is not necessary. But in spite of the will of most Americans, in spite of two court rulings that say that the moratorium is arbitrary, capricious, and punitive, the administration is determined to kill jobs in the deepwater industry.

You just can't hit the pause button on the gulf coast economy. The President's moratorium on drilling is destroying lives, and good people are being put out of work on purpose by this administration. These aren't statistics. These are real people, hardworking people. How do they pay their mortgage and buy their groceries and put gasoline in their car?

On Friday, one of the world's biggest drilling companies had to move another deepwater rig to the Middle East and out of the Gulf of Mexico because of this moratorium. All of the good-paying jobs are going with it.

Mr. Speaker, the moratorium on drilling is the second disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, and it's brought to us by this administration.

And that's just the way it is.