Mr. Speaker, thanks to the American taxpayers, what might be the world's most expensive gas station was built in Afghanistan . A mysterious Department of Defense special task force spent $43 million on a gas station in Afghanistan .

Mr. Speaker, that must be a humdinger of a truck stop. What should have only cost $500,000 cost 140 times that amount, charged to the taxpayers' credit card. Yet, there are no answers or explanations.

Mr. Speaker, it has now since been reported that Afghans don't even use the gas station because of the cost of the gas .

No one has been held accountable for such wasteful government spending, not surprisingly. This is getting to be normal for government ``spendocrats.''

Time for no more Washington spending-sprees on the taxpayers' dime. People need to be held personally responsible for such wasteful spending.

The American people deserve an explanation. After all, it is their money that is funding $43 million gas stations in other countries.

Mr. Speaker, why are we building a five -star gas station in Afghanistan anyway?

And that is just the way it is.