Mr. Speaker, news from the front. The border war continues.

Generalissimo Fox and the Mexican media have taken a setback in the illegal invasion of the United States. Illegal border crossings and detentions have dropped 21 percent in just 10 days. The reason: 55 National Guardsmen on the border. Even though the Guard was sent to the border in a support role and as a publicity stunt to appease Americans, they are deterring illegal entry into the United States.

The Mexican media, taking a page out of the New York Times and their hatred for the U.S. military, has so exaggerated and falsified the truth and alarmed the Mexican illegals about the National Guard, the crossings have decreased dramatically.

The fear that the National Guard is portrayed like their own corrupt military has slowed illegal entry, you know, that Mexican military machine that is on the southern Mexican border that reportedly ``rapes, robs and beats Hondurans and Guatemalans that are just trying to do jobs that Mexicans won't do.''

If 55 Guardsmen can reduce the number of illegals by 21 percent, just think what would happen if we used more Guardsmen on the border front.

Those who say we cannot stop the invasion so we ought to surrender our soil are underestimating the American National Guard.

And that's just the way it is.