WASHINGTON, September 25 -


Mr. Speaker, the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty signed by this administration today is an attempt by Third World countries to control guns worldwide, including personal firearms in the United States.

Under the section of ``scope,'' the treaty indicates that covered weapons include small arms and light weapons. The language is so broad that nations are expected to track all weapons movements from the time they are manufactured until the time they are destroyed.

The language is vague so that the treaty could be interpreted to restrict the ability of the United States to help its allies, like Israel.

The U.N. treaty allows government regulations to be imposed to collect data on gun owners. The treaty presents a clear and present danger to the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.

This is another attempt by this administration to control firearms of individual Americans. The constitutional professor is letting the U.N. override the Second Amendment and destroy individual liberty.

The President took an oath to the United States Constitution, not the U.N. Charter.

And that's just the way it is.