Mr. Speaker, most of the American people oppose the government plan to take over health care. It costs too much; it borrows too much; it taxes too much; it's inefficient; and it gives government bureaucrats the control of our personal medical decisions. We should just fix what's broken.

People should be able to buy health insurance across State lines to get competitive rates. Small businesses should be able to pool together to get better rates through larger risk pools. Businesses that help take care of their employees should get tax breaks rather than tax increases. People should own their own health insurance policies--and that's real portability.

If anybody loses or leaves their jobs, they don't lose their insurance. People should not be cancelled for having preexisting conditions, and we should figure out a way to provide for catastrophic illness, catastrophic injury and affordability.

These are things that most Members agree on. These things don't cost billions of dollars. These things help keep government out of the doctor's office. We should fix what the American people want us to fix and keep the government from destroying America's health.

And that's just the way it is.