Mr. Speaker, on the rainy, dreary early morning of this past Sunday, at 1:56 a.m., June 3, a bright beam of hopeful light burst through the darkness. Her name is Emerson Ryan Foote. 

June 3 is also the birth date of her mother, my former chief of staff, Gina. This new miracle of birth is the best birthday present a mother could have: a tiny baby girl.

Emmie, as she will be called, was born here in our Nation’s Capital, Washington, D.C. Parents Gina and Tucker Foote are proud of their new 7-pound, 2-ounce blessing from God. 

Every time a new life is brought into the world, we are reminded of all that is good and right. Mr. Speaker, the miracle of birth is the happiest day of the year. 

Emmie was born in the most marvelous and free country on Earth, America. I know her wonderful parents will instill in her a love of liberty, justice, and courage; for one day, her small little hands will shape our future.  

Every time a child is born, God smiles and makes a bet on the future of all of us. So happy birthday, Emmie, and happy birthday, Gina. 

And that is just the way it is.