Mr. Speaker, I thank the chairman, and I also thank the ranking member for their work on this legislation. 

Mr. Speaker, I have spoken to our military leaders, and they said that the biggest threat to the United States is North Korea. Strategic patience is over. It is time for strategic sanctions. This bill will go a long way to tighten the screws on little Kim and bring the dictator to his knees. We can no longer stand by meekly while North Korea terrorizes the world. 

This bill includes my bill that has already passed the House that calls on the State Department to reassess if North Korea should be on the State Sponsors of Terrorism list. Let us not forget that North Korea helped supply Syria with chemical weapons. It has given Iran ballistic missiles and advice on how to develop its own nukes. 

North Korea and Iran’s evil cooperation is even going on as we speak today. They are now working together to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach American shores. 

This bill also puts China in the crosshairs. Chinese banks have enabled the Korean regime to avoid sanctions and build its illegal weapons programs. China even provided the vehicle used to launch North Korea’s new ICBM. 

China also uses slave labor from North Korea to help North Korea avoid sanctions already in place. China needs to understand how its support for Kim will not only endanger the United States and South Korea, but it also endangers its own security.

Mr. Speaker, by targeting these rogue nations, we show we will not go away quietly in the darkness of silence. 

And that is just the way it is.