Mr. Speaker, tomorrow night starts what we call March Madness, college basketball playoffs for the national championship, and 65 college teams throughout the country will start competing tomorrow night. But there is one team that won't be there. And probably those 65 teams are glad this team is not there. It is not a college team. It is a high school team, and they are from Jack Yates Senior High School in Houston, Texas. They are now ranked the number one high school basketball team in the United States by USA Today and

The Jack Yates Lions have won 58 consecutive basketball games in a row, going since last year, and two Texas State championships in 4A basketball. They have defeated their opponents by an awesome amount of points. They have won games by 88 points, 90 points, 98 points, 99 points, 115 points, and 135 points against the opposition. And that is just the margin of victory in those games.

In one game this year, on January 5, 2010, they scored 170 points in a high school basketball game, breaking the national record. That is an 18-year record setfor scoring points. And yes, they scored 170 points in one game. No wonder they weren't invited to the big March Madness starting tomorrow night in college basketball games.

They not only set the national record for consecutive games won over 100 points, they finished the season averaging 116 points per game, taking that national record away that was 40 years old from a Hobbs, New Mexico high school team. They scored 100 points in 26 basketball games this year. They are a foe to be reckoned with. They have no competition in high school basketball anywhere in the United States.

They employ a strategy that is called "38 minutes of hell." It is a run and gun offense where the coach, Coach Greg Wise of Houston, Texas, plays all 15 players. Five at a time he puts them in. They run and gun up and down the basketball court, he pulls them out, puts another five in, throughout the game. And by the end of the game of course the other team is dragging, they are out of breath, out of energy, and they are out of points. And of course the Jack Yates High School basketball team wins the game.

In the State championship this year going into the fourth quarter they were behind. They had a little "conversation" with their coach Greg Wise, before the fourth quarter started, and they won the game by 23 points.

I want to commend this wonderful group of young men who live in Houston, Texas, for their zeal, for their energy, and for representing really what is good about high school sports not only in the State of Texas, but throughout the United States, and congratulate them on being the number one high school basketball team in the United States. Way to go, Lions.

And that's just the way it is.