Madam Speaker, the big fat cat executives of Citigroup are busy spending taxpayer bailout money on a brand new luxury jet.

That's right, Madam Speaker. Citigroup claimed it was on the brink of financial disaster, then demanded and took $45 billion from the taxpayers through government giveaways. Now they're buying a new $50 million jet. And did I mention this swanky jet is made in France?

Madam Speaker, the arrogance and ignorance of the ``Big Banking Boys Gang'' is astonishing. While average Americans are hunkering down worried about their jobs, food, clothes, and mortgage payments, these irresponsible executives are blowing millions on high-dollar toys.

It's about time the elites in the financial industry quit acting likethey're entitled to special perks. Americans shouldn't be forced to pay for CEO bonuses and luxury corporate jets for the rich and famous robber barons.

But you see, Madam Speaker, they must need that jet to fly to New York Mets games because Citigroup is spending $400 million to plaster its name on its new stadium, Citi Field.

And that's just the way it is.