Mr. Speaker, I appreciate the historical comments my friend from Vermont has said regarding Union troops from his home state. The Battle of the Wilderness took place in May 1864.

On the second day of the 3 day battle with a statement made by General Lee, Texans always move them, the Texas Brigade successfully forced back Grants Union troops. However, the Texans sustained 60 percent casualties.

There were 165,000 troops, Union and Confederate, in this Battle of the Wilderness. This is the number of troops that we have in Afghanistan and Iraq put together on one battlefield. There were 29,000 casualties. The fighting was so fierce in the dense woods it caught fire and hundreds of wounded on both sides burned to death. Their graves are only known by God.

Mr. Speaker, those troops from the North and South were all Americans. Mr. Speaker, here is the battlefield. It is outlined in this black line. On this hallowed ground right here, you can see this X is where Wal-Mart wants to build one of their beautiful stores.

There are other locations available for Wal-Mart. So we from the North and South in a bipartisan way want Wal-Mart to build someplace else.

And thats just the way it is.