Madam Speaker, the Sonoran Pronghorn antelope is in danger of extinction, so government "envirocrats" have prohibited Border Patrol from entering some wildlife areas on the range where the antelope play in Arizona.

The antelope protectors have stopped construction of seven Border Patrol observation towers they feel are too intrusive for the antelope. Never mind the Border Patrol can protect the antelope and secure the border as well.

And the "envirocrats" haven't gotten the word out to the illegals. Drug cartels and human traffickers and thousands of illegals trample through the home on the range running roughshod over the wildlife refuge every day. These trespassers leave trash and vehicles on the preserve. The drug cartels are even erecting cell phone tower stations.

The Buenos Aires refuge, also in Arizona, is closed, being too dangerous for Americans to enter because it, too, has become a sanctuary for drug cartels and traffickers.

Prohibiting the Border Patrol from entering these areas is not helping the wildlife but endangering these areas more. You see, the illegals don't care about the antelope and its home on the range.

And that's just the way it is.