WASHINGTON, August 2 -


Mr. Speaker, every year, millions of Americans across the fruited plains send their tax returns to the IRS. Some claim exemptions so they can keep more of their money; now the IRS wants an exemption of its own.

IRS employees want an exemption from participating in--guess what--ObamaCare. That's right. The IRS workers have asked for an exemption from ObamaCare. They like their current health plan, and they just want to keep it.

These are the same people in charge of enforcing ObamaCare and penalizing Americans that are forced to be under ObamaCare. This is the same abusive, scandalous IRS that uses power to punish political opponents.

The IRS taxocrats don't want the law to apply to them; they want it to apply to us. More arrogance of power. Their policy is: laws for thee, but not for me. Ironic, don't you think?

The real truth, to be clear, Mr. Speaker, is the IRS wants to be exempted from ObamaCare and so do Americans.

And that's just the way it is.