Madam Speaker, there's a new push to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico. The "Drill Here, Drill Now" slogan is finally sinking in. But the new rigs won't be flying American flags. They'll be Russian rigs drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico--right there off our own shores.

The Russians and the Cubans are now in cahoots to drill for oil we should be obtaining. Then they'll probably sell it back to us at an increased price. We don't drill off our own coast, so we have to import more crude oil. And it gets worse every year. It's costing Americans millions. Plus, Americans won't be getting those high-dollar rig jobs.

We have our own natural resources, but refuse to explore them because of the elitists. We're a decade or more away from green technology--when we all will be driving those itty-bitty toy cars that you can buy by the six-pack. But the anti-American energy elites dominate Congress and the White House. Unfortunately, they'll let us freeze in the dark before they will allow offshore drilling.

And that's just the way it is.