Mr. Speaker, the battle for the border continues. Our recent terrorism hearings on the crimes inflicted on America by illegals brought forth almost universal testimony that illegals in this country contribute a vast over-percentage of violent crime and street crime, from theft to rape to murder.

Only one witness, a banker, said illegals do not affect crime rates in his border town of Laredo, Texas, this despite the overwhelming contradictory testimony of his own sheriff and numerous lawmen.

When the banker was questioned about his motives, that his bank makes money off deposits by illegals, and they are shipping their money south, he told the Wall Street Journal he felt attacked.

Well, it is American communities that are under attack, Mr. Speaker. The banks and the wire services that profit off illegals can and should charge a fee for each transaction. That money would be used to compensate crime victims and pay for health care and education costs of illegals. Americans are paying these costs of illegals. Now it is time illegals pay.

Mr. Speaker, that's just the way it is.