Mr. Speaker, last week while members of Congress were in Iraq, we not only met with our troops, but we met with Prime Minister Maliki. During our conversation, it was suggested to Mr. Maliki that Iraq eventually assume some of the costs for this war of liberation.

The war has cost billions of dollars and thousands of American lives. Since we are rebuilding Iraq and have given them a free democracy, it seems only right that Iraq at least consider paying for part of the cost with future oil revenues. I was surprised that Prime Minister Maliki reacted with an emphatic no way to sharing the cost. Even Kuwait helped reimburse the coalition nations when Saddam was driven from their lands. But not Iraq. They will not hear of it.

Later this same day, we learned that the Prime Minister had actually ordered the Members of Congress out of Iraq. Looks like our questions to him were a political IED.

But as the date for our military looms ever closer for departure, there are reports the Prime Minister wants our military to stay a little longer and Americans to pay for it. Iraq should help pay for the nation that Americans rebuilt and liberated

And thats just the way it is.