Mr. Speaker, the Department of Homeland Security has issued a terrorist alert for Texas. An Islamic terrorist group from Somalia, al Shabaab, is infiltrating across our southern border.

A people-smuggling ring has been exposed through South America and hundreds of Somali illegals were given fake identification. Many of them have ties to Islamic terrorist groups.

This is al Shabaab's Somali terrorist organization, and it's aligned with al Qaeda. Their priority is to impose Sharia Islamic law, and they have stated their intent to harm America.

In addition to the Somalis and the terrorists from Somalia coming across the border, law enforcement officials in Texas said Mexican smugglers are coaching Middle Eastern illegals. They're teaching them how to dress and look Hispanic, and they are learning how to speak Spanish.

Mr. Speaker, what is it going to take for the administration to really secure the border? The warning signs could not be clearer. We need to send sufficient National Guard groups to the border now. Until the Federal Government understands border security is a national security issue, we are going to continue to have these threats.

And that's just the way it is.