Mr. Speaker, the people of Houston, Texas, are in mourning today because they have lost another brave protector of our community. While working undercover surveillance on February 21, Harris County sheriff deputy Craig Miller was killed when an 18-wheeler darted onto I-10 in Houston and recklessly drove across three lanes of the freeway crashing into Miller's SUV. Miller's vehicle became airborne, and he was fatally injured in the crash.

Narcotics Officer Miller was 43 years of age, married to Michelle and has two young children. Friends described him as a comedian that could have been a regular on Saturday Night Live. Deputy Miller grew up in Houston and attended Stratford High School. He enjoyed protecting and serving the people of the Houston area.

So as peace officers wear the black band of sacrifice across their badges in honor of Deputy Craig Miller, we remember that lawmen are all that separate civilization from the uncivilized.

The driver of the 18-wheeler was charged with negligent homicide. He is a foreign national and his legal status is undetermined. Deputy Miller is yet another recent death in a series of Houston area lawmen that have been killed by foreign nationals. Deputy Miller is a casualty ofthe weak, chaotic, inconsistent and overbroad immigration policy this country has.

And that's just the way it is.