Mr. Speaker, AIG took bailout money and then gave millions to executives in bonuses. Now Congress is bent out of shape about it, and rightfully so. But the truth is in the last stimulus bill that Congress quickly passed with little or no debate was an attached amendment to allow AIG to do exactly what they did--give out high-dollar bonuses.

Congress is responsible for this irresponsible spending and must deal with the consequences. To make matters worse, AIG gave bailout money to foreign banks, like in France. The French are the same people who vilify the United States, blame the world's problems on us, and have a disdain for everything American.

Mr. Speaker, I think the U.S. has bailed out France enough. We helped save France in World War I, saved them again in World War II, and took over in Vietnam after they failed there--but with little or no gratitude from the French.

And AIG also gave billions to German and English banks. We can't afford to give away taxpayer money and reward failure while making working Americans pay for all of this nonsense. "No" to more bailouts, foreign or domestic.

And that's just the way it is.