Mr. Speaker, today I was joined by some Members of Congress, along with other Americans, in taking a stand for the First Amendment right of freedom of expression. We stood across the street from the Turkish Embassy, where, a few weeks ago, Turkish President Erdogan was visiting.

But while a peaceful protest was taking place in May, Dictator Erdogan's security detail crossed the street and assaulted and beat up U.S. citizens protesting the rogue regime. People were injured.

The outlaws escaped arrest and fled to Turkey. No apology was issued by the Turks, but, rather, the government justified the assault on Americans.

Erdogan should not be welcome back into the United States until he apologizes. Also, the culprits must face justice in American courts.

The First Amendment right of freedom of expression is the First Amendment because it is the most important of all of our rights. No foreign tyrant can assault the First Amendment or assault Americans without consequences. This should never occur on our soil. 

And that is just the way it is.