Mr. Speaker, the American veteran has fought in these conflicts: French and Indian war, War for Independence, the First Barbary War, the War of 1812, the Second Barbary War, War for Texas Independence, the War Between the States, the Indian Wars, the Spanish-American War, the Philippine-American War, the Boxer Rebellion, First World War, Russian Revolution, Spanish Civil War, the Great World War II, the Cold War, Korean War, Vietnam War, Tehran hostage rescue, Grenada, Beirut, Panama, the Gulf War, Somalia, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and the Iraq War.

These are wars that were fought in, fought by and fought for Americans. This land of the free is consecrated by the blood of the fallen. In many of these wars the liberty of the Nation's people was at stake. Across the massive seas of time the American veteran shall be remembered and praised, for they fought in lands they had never seen, and they fought for peoples they did not know.

These, like my dad, represent the finest the Nation has ever produced. We honor them and we thank them on Veterans Day.