WASHINGTON, October 28 -


Madam Speaker, Pakistan is a disloyal, deceptive, and devious ally of the United States. Pakistan harbors Taliban terrorists that are at war with our troops in Afghanistan. Pakistan hid out Obama bin Laden. Pakistan put the Pakistani doctor that helped the United States take out ``the devil of the desert'' in prison for 30 years.

Pakistan is playing the United States for a nation of fools. Otherwise, why would our Government just send $1.2 billion to Pakistan? Haven't we learned that Pakistan takes our money and slyly and seditiously uses it for purposes counter to U.S. interests?

Pakistan has become the Benedict Arnold ally of America. Why do we pay Pakistan to hate us? Madam Speaker, they will do it for free.

No American taxpayer money to Pakistan. Use that American money in America. Freedom-loving nations that give Pakistan money in the delusive hope of fighting terrorism are sailing the ships of the foolish--and the United States has become the admiral of the fleet.

And that's just the way it is.