Madam Speaker, last year the tiny coastal community of Sabine Pass, Texas, was literally drowned by Hurricane Rita. A year later it is still in shambles. Now the people who live in Sabine Pass say that they survived Rita, but they may not survive the illegals hired to repair the area.

Jason Pitts writes about these fears. In the morning hundreds of vehicles loaded with illegals make their way into my town of Sabine Pass. The traffic problems caused by the illegals are terrible. These drivers have no regard for traffic laws. They pass on the top of bridges, and they speed like they are in a NASCAR race.

To add to the insult, free washers and dryers were brought in for Sabine Pass citizens who lost everything. Soon, illegals were dropping off their clothes and their wives so they could get clothes cleaned for free.

My family and neighbors lost everything they own. There is no way to purchase food or fuel in my hometown. Immigration officials will not send anyone to Sabine Pass to perform immigration checks, because they have been mandated not to do so. This is not acceptable.

Madam Speaker, Jason Pitts is right. Seal our borders, crack down on employers hiring illegals, or risk losing the quality of life of our own citizens.

And that's just the way it is.