Mr. Speaker, they tell us, sir, that the stimulus bill is working and creating jobs. Well, let's see.

In Houston, some houses are getting taxpayer funded home makeovers. Wayne Dolcefino of KTRK Channel 13 Undercover in Houston reports that the city is getting $327 million in stimulus money to weatherize homes. Under the stimulus boondoggle bonanza, taxpayers are on the hook for $6,500 per house. Of course, not everyone is getting a home makeover. Most Houstonians aren't going to get the brand new ceiling fans installed. They're not going to get the brand new insulation and the weather stripping or the brand new refrigerators. And most won't even get the new curly light bulbs that contain mercury. They'll just get stuck with the bill.

How does greening homes for a selected group of handpicked people create jobs? Well, it doesn't. Paying people to change out the light bulbs is what the taxacrats call a green job. No wonder Americans are just shaking their heads in contempt of government. So the stimulus scam continues.

And that's just the way it is.