Mr. Speaker, the EPA is now going after the farms and ranches that feed the American people.

They say ranching and farming causes dust -- well no kidding -- so out with the dust and in with the regulations and fines.

Dust has been around since man first tilled the soil with primitive plows and herded sheep and cattle in the wide open spaces.

The EPA also doesnt like the dirt roads used by the pick-ups and tractors that criss-cross the cattle ranches and farms that are in the heartland of America.

So the Environment Police Agency is going to regulate the dust created by farming and ranching by imposing expensive fines on the breadbasket of America.

The EPAs rule would make it more expensive to feed America.

First it was punishing the domestic energy industry, now its going after agriculture.

Does the EPA wish that we imported all our food like we do crude oil? This sounds a bit un-American to me.

Maybe the EPA needs to just hit the road.

And thats the way it is.