Mr. Speaker, the Iranian president is up to his old tricks again, recently claiming that God has put him on a divine mission to have nuclear weapons. This bizarre banter comes from the same sinister man who called for the destruction and devastation of Israel. This is more than disturbing. Iran's commander in chief is obviously a saber-rattling zealot who puts world security in turmoil.

Mr. Speaker, the President of Iran is defiant and determined to lead his country in a dangerous direction. He supports organizations that kill Americans, like the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, and encourages the use of violence against Israel. Hopefully, the people of Iran see the destructive behavior of their president and want to bring about a free and stable Iran that wants to be a part of the community of nations.

A nuclear-armed Iran is a dangerous and deadly threat to the Middle East and all of the Free World. We must keep America as well as the rest of the world safe from this radical reactionary outlaw with his ridiculous ambitions. This is a matter of world security.

That's just the way it is.