Mr. Speaker,

American missionaries Nancy and Sam Davis ran a charity in poor villages in Mexico.

Recently, Nancy and her husband Sam were driving home to Texas from Mexico when they were ambushed near the border by a roadblock of masked gunmen who opened fire on them. Nancy was shot in the back of the head.

Sam bravely raced against oncoming traffic to the border while Nancy sat in the passengers seat bleeding to death.

Nancy did not survive and died in McAllen, Texas.

The Mexican government has already said that they will not investigate this homicide. The American government must hold them accountable.

The narco-terrorists continue to murder Americans in lawless Mexico.

They will continue their terror on our side of the border if they are not stoppedthey are international bandits

Meanwhile, the federal government stands continues to whistle by the graveyard of victims while the people in the border towns live in constant fear and danger.

But its just another day on the Texas border.

And thats just the way it is.