Madam Speaker, in the early morning hours of this past weekend, I accompanied Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo ``Sigi'' Gonzalez, Jr., his SWAT team and posse of deputies who were patrolling the U.S.-Mexico border in south Texas.

Every day Sigi leads his small 24-member force into the daily battle to protect Zapata County from the invasion of drug lords and human smugglers. Lots of drug money, filthy lucre, as I call it, fund these dangerous drug organizations and human smugglers that lurk across the Rio Grande River. These outlaws have better guns, better vehicles, better electronic surveillance equipment than the good guys. They even track our peace officers with GPS when they use their cell phones. These drug demons who bring narcotics into the United States make $30,000 a week. Sheriff Gonzalez makes about $40,000 a year.

Sheriff Gonzalez is an unwavering patriot and an outstanding Texas lawman. He is defending America against illegal invaders and fighting the war against vicious, violent drug cartels that threaten our home and our country. He and his dedicated deputies need resources and funding to help fund the war for the border. Our homeland is worth protecting. That is just the way it is.