Washington, Nov. 16 -


Madam Speaker, in the vast, wide open, rugged, desolate hinterland, southern border regions between the safer legal ports of entry, the cartels smuggle people and drugs into the United States. State and local officials do what they can to help the Feds protect these areas, but they are simply outmanned and out-equipped.

Madam Speaker, the Border Patrol needs help from local officials. Millions of pieces of equipment will soon return from Iraq. This includes UAVs that could be used as eyes in the sky for the border defenders. This equipment could fill in the massive gaps in surveillance of remote areas of the border.

I've introduced the SEND Act that would send UAVs, HUMVEES, and night surveillance equipment to our border governments. Washington could partner with border States to protect America. Sending surplus military equipment to the southern border will give Americans a return on their investment by enhancing our national security.

The American people have invested billions of dollars in equipment used to secure Iraq. Now it's time to use this same equipment to secure the United States.

And that's just the way it is.