Mr. Speaker, when Kenneth Meyers was born in 1889, Teddy Roosevelt was charging up San Juan Hill, the airplane had not been invented, and electricity was a novelty. Kenneth Meyers, at 107, is the oldest surviving World War I veteran in Texas. There are less than 50 World War I veterans in all of the United States.

Meyers joined the Navy as a teenager in 1917 and served aboard the Battleship Oklahoma in World War I until 1919. Meyers, who lives in Houston, says he was proud to serve in the ``War to End All Wars.''

After the Navy, Meyers earned his masters degree, became an agricultural expert for Uncle Sam, and even helped farmers as far away as Greece. He herded cattle in Wyoming, and he still owns land there.

As we honor American veterans, we appreciate the generations of sailors and doughboys in World War I who adopted the song ``Over There'' that states, in part, ``Send the word to beware, that the Yanks are coming, the Yanks are coming and we won't come back 'til its over, over there.''

Mr. Speaker, like warriors since then, those Yanks got the job done for freedom and only came back when it was over, over there. That's just the way it is.