Mr. Speaker, the Boy Scouts of the Sam Houston Area Council live up to the Boy Scout motto, selflessly giving back to others and embodying the true spirit of what it means to be a Boy Scout. The Sam Houston Area Council serves over 50,000 youth in 16 counties throughout Southeast Texas. 


The troops in the Houston area are dedicated to service and leadership. This year, the Scouts are partnering with Super Bowl of Caring to do what a Boy Scout does best, give back to their local community.


The program is called ‘‘Scouting for Food,’’ which began on January 28th. The Boys Scouts went door to door, distributing door hangers in neighborhoods to announce an upcoming food drive.


The project lasted through February 3rd, with Scouts returning to pick up any donations available in the neighborhoods. The donations will be going directly to food pantries, food banks, and churches in the Scouts’ local neighborhoods.


This is, without a doubt, a welcome to those who struggle to make ends meet and need help putting food on the table. In 2016, the Scouts collected an impressive 200,000 pounds of food.


The Boy Scouts are hoping to top that this year. There is no doubt, with their determination and grit, they will easily reach that goal.


The Boy Scout’s promise is ‘‘to help other people at all times.’’ This is a shining example of helping others out who are less fortunate.


The Boy Scouts of Sam Houston Area Council must be commended for thinking of others before themselves.


And that’s just the way it is.