Madam Speaker, this House must have the will to secure our borders from unlawful, illegal entry into this sovereign Nation by other nations. Many of my fellow Texans have written me about this problem, and I am going to read a few of those tonight.

David in Splendora, Texas, writes: ``I totally disagree with the guest worker program. If the government allows an amnesty program for the illegals, then every person crossing the border would qualify. Also, the borders need to be more secure. I work with immigrants here in Houston, and it amazes he how they can go back and forth to Mexico. The immigrants who have their family in other countries are sending their money there, and they do not even spend it here anyway.''

Tim, in Groves, Texas, writes: ``Vicente Fox and Mexico are not our friends. The Mexicans are laughing at their neighbors to the north while their illegal countrymen clog our streets and harass U.S. citizens with marches and demonstrations. Why aren't they demonstrating in Mexico for jobs and better pay? That is the source of their problems. Our legislators are afraid of enacting tough laws on these people while American citizens pick up the tab.''

Donald, in Nederland, Texas, agrees and writes: ``When did Vicente Fox become head of American immigration policy? Fox has no business telling the United States what to do with its citizens who illegally enter the United States. We can't control Mexico's immigration laws, and all attempts to handle the illegal entry of millions of Mexicans into the United States have fallen on deaf ears. They came to America to work in many fields hired by business interests, and when their visas expired, they didn't return home as required by law. Businesses then allow them to continue working at salaries below those needed by American workers who they replaced.''