Mr. Speaker, it has been one year since Hurricane Katrina flooded Texas with evacuees. It's almost a year since welcoming Texans weathered their own storm, Hurricane Rita.

But today there are still shells of smashed buildings left standing. There are still homes where roofs were peeled back by wind and rain. Today only a blue tarp remains over the heads of countless families.

But these victims, these Lone Star Voices, are crying out for help.

Maggi Carter of Beaumont writes, ``Hurricanes Katrina and Rita handed the State of Texas an unprecedented housing challenge. To date, there are grossly inadequate resources for the 75,000 victims of Hurricane Rita. We support a 5-step plan to provide housing to the more than 100,000 families living in Texas who are victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.''

Mr. Speaker her plan includes: Transferring long-term housing from FEMA to HUD, the people who understand housing; settling the elderly and disabled into long-term government housing; and developing affordable rental housing while repairing the battered homes of survivors.

We cannot turn a blind eye to survivors. The victims of these natural disasters and their needs cannot be ignored. They need their government to finally help them find the calm after the storm.

That's just the way it is.